BBL Recovery Kit |

Price: $485.00

Kit includes:
Arnika Forte, Lipo Foam, Biocorneum Scar Gel, Body Of Knowledge Contouring Recovery Cream, Additional Stage 1 Compression Garment , and Stage 2 Compression Garment, Coupon for $25 off a Vitamin B12 injection at your first post-operative appointment.

Optional add on:
add a BBL Pillow for an additional $75

• A pillow designed specifically to allow you to sit immediately after your BBL

• Sit with the pillow under your thighs and this will keep pressure off of your butt where the fat was injected.

Recommended Use:
Arnika Forte
• A natural dietary supplement to reduce bruising and swelling and speed recovery after surgery
• Begin two days prior to your surgery
• Take one capsule twice per day for 7 days

Lipo Foam
• After surgery place on abdomen beneath compression garment. This foam is reusable and can be gently wiped with damp cloth or baby wipe. Do not place in washing machine.

Biocorneum Scar Gel
• You may begin using the scar gel when approved by Dr. Schulman. (Usually 10-14 days post-surgery)
• Apply to clean, dry skin. Apply to area in a very thin layer and allow to dry completely (4 to 5 minutes).
• Once dry, bioCorneum+ can be covered with cosmetics or compression garments.
• Adhering to the twice daily treatment schedule consistently every day is important
• Use until bottle is gone, typically 3-4 months.

Body Of Knowledge Contouring Recovery Cream
• Begin using on affected area 7-10 days post surgery
• Apply twice per day on clean, dry skin
• Cream can be massaged in until absorbed
• Will assist in firming, contouring and soothing skin after surgery

Vitamin B12 injection
• Recommended 1-2 weeks after your surgery. Normal price is $75. B12 will boost your immune system, speed healing and leave you feeling energized.

A completely comprehensive kit of everything you will need during your Brazilian butt lift recovery.

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